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Maintaining your Healthy Living regimen is important and we are here to help with free and premium videos to keep you on track.

If you are new to yoga, browse around, watch our free information videos, and please contact us with any questions!

Studio Questions and Answers

Studio Questions and Answers - Facebook Live

Wanting to know more about the studio and the space? Check out this live video showing you what to expect when coming for a class and answering some of those questions you might have.
Yoga Video Yoga Flow with Props

Yoga Flow w/ Props - Virtual Class

An immersive course teaching how to use props and/or how to align properly with a little prop help.
Grand Opening Yoga Flow YouTube

Grand Opening Yoga Flow - YouTube

A quick alignment yoga Flow to give you an intro to our yoga classes.
Pre⁄Post Natal Yoga Virtual Class

Pre/Post-Natal Yoga - Virtual Class

For those expecting or just had a little one. This is a great class to get you prepared for birth and/or just had little one and so want to stay flexible. For pregnant moms, please have a chair handy.
Kickboxing Cardio Yoga Facebook Live

Kickboxing/Cardio Yoga - Facebook Live

Wanting a great stretch but needing a bit more to get that heart pumping? Here’s a taste of one of our Kickboxing/Cardio classes to get kick out into high gear but also stretching for a full body workout!
Kickboxing Yoga Virtual Class

Kickboxing Yoga - Virtual Class

Begin with a yoga stretch to warm up then into kickboxing. Finish up with a deep stretch and relaxing end.
Beginner Yoga Flow YouTube

Beginner Yoga Flow - YouTube

This is a really rough online beginning yoga flow. It is my first to post and might be a bit choppy but hopefully something to help get you started. Please be aware that you are performing any yoga flows, poses, etc…at your own risk. Thanks for watching!
Yoga Video Yoga Flow Class

Yoga Flow - Virtual Class

Mix of Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin to keep you aligned, moving, and flexible.
Cardio⁄Kickboxing Yoga Virtual Class

Cardio/Kickboxing Yoga - Virtual Class

Class pick! Starting with a yoga stretch and pumping it up to get your heart rate going! Ending with a final stretch abs relaxation!
Cardio Yoga Virtual Class

Cardio Yoga - Virtual Class

Come stretch and sweat to burn those extra calories while also gaining mobility and flexibility!
Breathe Stretch YouTube

Breathe & Stretch - YouTube

A simple and quick session to help you stretch some muscles and breathe with it.
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