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Wake-up Wednesday: You In Pieces…

Wake-up Wednesday:
You In Pieces…
It’s interesting how in a blink of an eye, the pieces of yourself and your loved ones stop falling to pieces and begin building a wonderful masterpiece. When we let go and let Him continue to build and form us, then we truly become the masterpiece that we need to be on this Earth.
All those pieces of self-doubt, self-criticism, guilt, and denial are we in pieces trying to reform and rebuild into something new and better. Once you forgive not just those around you but also yourself, that’s when true healing can begin. Let His glue of grace, forgiveness, and love re-mold you into what you need to be instead of what you want to be. Then you can find true peace from the pieces of you.
So for today, if you’re feeling like a sinking ship, a raging storm, or your on your way to find your peace… just remember that you are uniquely you and you are never alone.
You in Pieces to You God’s Masterpiece!

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