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Wake-up Wednesday: Meal Planning!

Sorry… Late Wake-Up Wednesday:

Meal Planning!

How many of you stare into the abyss of your fridge when dinner time rolls around?

Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks are easy but somehow dinner seems to sneak up on us. Not to mention that a lot of us are just plain exhausted by the time we have to cook. And with most of us wearing several hats nowadays, cooking in the evening is not the first thing in our minds for ourselves or our families.

Then there’s the dreaded grocery shopping. You either hate it or love it but either way it has to be done. But what are you going to make? How many dinner options are there? Better yet, what can you make that will satisfy everyone?

This is where meal planning comes into play. If you sit down with your family, you all can come up with great dinner ideas that you so can eat. Everyone has a say and it makes those shopping trips a little easier to manage when you a have a compete list of what everyone wants. Not to mention buying stuff you know will be eaten instead of guessing and having it sit on your counter or in the fridge until it expires or starts to become a science experiment. Talk about saving some money!

So… if you’re stressing dinner plans and not wanting to eat out… try creating meal plans. Trust me, your family and wallet will thank you later!

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