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Wake-up Wednesday: Got Energy?

Wake-up Wednesday:
Need a Healthy Energy Boost?
So you had your cup, or three, of coffee but still crashing come mid morning. Then you try an Energy drink that gives you a powerful punch but then you feel completely wiped come dinner time.
Sounds familiar?
Well, what if I told you that you could get that energy boost without the jittery caffeine affects or the butt dragging at the end of the day.
There are a lot of healthy food and drink options that won’t sugar load you on the front end to give you that drop at the back end. The picture shows a list of these and how they can help.
A great side note, if you’re not hungry but needing the energy and teas just seem a little thin to you… try blending a mid morning or afternoon smoothie with oats, yogurt, dairy alternative, and/or some energy boosting fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t have to be a big smoothie but just something small to help you get through the day when you need it most. ?
To your wake up call!

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