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Wake-up Wednesday: Bhujangasana-Cobra Pose

Wake-up Wednesday:
Bhujangasana-Cobra Pose
While this pose is a great back bend and heart opener, it is a very active pose. Legs, hips, and your core are actively engaged to assist you into this backbend. Remember, as with all poses or exercises, if it starts to hurt or you feel pinched slowly release out of the pose. If you keep feeling pain or crunching in this pose, then try keeping your chest lower to the ground and strengthening up your legs, hips, and core.
Really engage them to where the tops of your feet, thighs, and pelvis is really pushing or grounding into the ground. This will help you get the strength you need to arc your back into that bend without to much strain on the back and neck.
Keep shoulders dropped with shoulder blades fixed into your back.
Shine out through your heart.
Smile, and just breath into the pose as you come up to your level of bend.
Slowly lower down and bringing head back down gently.
Do this a few times and you’ll really feel the burn in your body.

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