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Wake-up Wednesday: Beat Bloating!

Wake-up Wednesday: Beat Bloating!
It hits you… a swollen, extended stomach that is just plain uncomfortable in any position. You sit, stand, lay down but no matter what you do you can’t escape the pain and gurgling of your protruded belly. You think, “maybe I shouldn’t have had that whole pizza… or those chicken wings.” Either way, it’s done and all you want is relief.
Well, never fear, a solution is near! The nice part is that you most likely have a few of these items lying around your kitchen somewhere to help ease these feelings. Combine this with a few easy yoga poses and you’ve got yourself some up and coming comfort. A word to the wise… you might want to stay home when doing this as “things” might come out when you least expect. Better to be safe then sorry!
Happy digesting!

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