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Spiritual Nutrition

September 21, 2021

Spiritual Nutrition

Food for your Soul!

You’re at work talking amongst your fellow coworkers about your day. It’s your turn to talk and you mournfully give your account of how horrible your day has been. Then the next coworker speaks and their day is worse than yours. You start to get these feelings of doubt or even jealousy. Then you catch yourself. Why am I trying to compete against friends and fellow coworkers about having the worse day? How did I get this way?

You go into a restaurant and the first thing you do is notice where the exit and entrances are, where the bathrooms are, scanning anyone who looks suspicious, constantly in fight or flight mode any time you leave the house. Then it hits you, why can’t you just go out and have a normal meal not having to analyze every little detail? What caused you to react this way?

Any if this sounds familiar? If this does then maybe you are in need of some spiritual nutrition.

Being spiritual means relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

Nutrition is the act or process of nourishing or being nourished.

When you combine them together you get nourishing the spirit or soul.

So let’s talk about the glass half empty. Let’s delve into how we get there to begin with. Maybe it’s something related to your childhood. A relationship that caused you to doubt yourself. Maybe even you struggling with your own self doubt. How do we slowly change that mindset?

Here are a few easy ways to start. The first step is to recognize what triggers this. When you can catch yourself being the pessimistic, stop and make a mental or physical note on what is happening at that particular time to make you feel this way. When you have more time, sit down and figure out why it triggers you. Then try to relate that to something in the recent past that has brought those same feelings before. Do a mental body scan, meditate, anything that can get you focused. Expect the answer to be something as simple as I didn’t eat today to I have some trauma to deal with. Either way, your making a start to finding the cause of this mindset.

So how to I get out of the glass half empty mindset? This can vary for each individual. If nutrient related, set scheduled snack and meal breaks and stick to them to see what works. If more trauma involved, maybe think about going to see a counselor to work towards the root of the issues. Either way, it will be through trial and error to find what works for you.

Don’t get discouraged. Just like physical nutrition can be complicated and hard, so can spiritual nutrition but both can helped with a little perseverance and patience. Everything in its time!

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