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Motivation Monday: Immunity Building

Motivation Monday:
Immunity Building
With Flu season on the way and Covid still around, it’s more important than ever to build your immunity up. Of course the usual Vitamin C and antioxidants are important but so are other things that you can do to stay healthy and strong.
Sleep! It’s simple but with the holidays coming up it’s easy to pass up those normal hours of sleep to get caught up. Don’t skimp on your sleep. If anything, if you even start feeling a little down, an extra bit of sleep can go a long way.
Stay Active! If you’re like me, the first onslaught of cold makes you want to go into hibernation mode. While that’s a bit easier to accomplish at this time of year, it’s also important to get some form of physical activity. Even if it’s a few walks a week, or if you want to stay warm, get into the gym or a studio. Get in some cardio, strength training, or even a group fitness class to help your good cells fight those bad viruses.
Then there’s food… as things get hectic it’s easy for us to pick up those quick and easy meals or go through those drive through lines. While I’m not saying to stay away from those, I am saying to pick healthier choices. Or if you eat a whole pizza one night, opt for a chicken salad or a good home made meal the next. Everything in moderation. Just include some of the foods on the list and that will definitely help boost your immunity.
To your health this season!

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