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Motivation Monday: Dandasana-Staff Pose

Motivation Monday:
Dandasana – Staff Pose
This is a great pose to help realign your body and especially spine, in a more relaxing way.
Sitting straight up, legs extended out in front of you, push through the big and little toe mounds and heels of your feet.
Engage the legs though the ankles, chins, calves. Draw the kneecaps up engaging the thighs.
Sitting on your sitting bones, reach under your glutes and pull the muscles and flesh out from under tilting the pelvis forward and engaging your lower and middle core. Ground down through your sitting bones.
Lift chest up through the collar bones, keeping your shoulders down, and drawing your shoulder blades onto your back. Shine out through your heart center looking straight ahead with a soft gaze, or closing your eyes.
Draw up with a long spine keeping your arms by your sides. Make sure jaw is loose and tongue is away from the roof of your mouth.
Breathe here inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the nose either gently or using your Ujjayi Breath, a soft ocean breath.
Stay here for around 5 breathes or until you feel relaxed and refreshed!

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