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Motivation Monday: Being your Mountain! (Tadasana)

September 21, 2020

Motivation Monday Being your Mountain Tadasana

Motivation Monday: Being the Mountain (Tadasana)
Sit at a desk, hunched all day, or bent over your work? A great and easy part pose to help is Tadasana or Mountain Pose. You literally stand straight building the foundation from the ground up. No slouching here!
Here’s how you build.
1. Breathe
2. Standing, press down through your big toe mound, little toe mound, and heel to feel grounded.
3. Engage legs, from calves through quads but keeping your hip flexors soft.
4. Drop your glutes down while lifting pelvic up and to your spine.
5. Do not engage glutes, they should be soft along with your hip flexors.
6. Engage your core muscles from lower ribs to your chest.
7. Shine through your heart center by lifting your chest and shining it out.
8. Fix your shoulder blades onto your back and drop your shoulders down extending through your collar bone.
9. Look straight keeping eyes soft or close eyes to feel the grounding.
10. Stretch through the crown of your head, reaching from top to an imaginary line up.
11. Breath here down into the bottom of your ribs and out slowly. Just breath deep and soft, feeling strong like a mountain.
No force can move you as you are grounded in that moment from the Earth beneath you to the line through you and out through your crown, straight up.
Do this for a couple of breaths and release. Repeat as necessary till feel rooted and unstoppable!
Now go find your Mountain and conquer it!
Blessings & Namaste!

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