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Forget Me Not Friday: Powerhouse Red

Why are red fruits and vegetables so important? What is all the rage with red?

Well, here’s why. Reds have antioxidants such as vitamins A and C, manganese, and fiber that are great for your heart! Some have quercetin that helps fight colds, flus, and some allergies. Others have lycopene that is an excellent cancer fighter!

But what are antioxidants?

They are substances such as vitamins and minerals that can help prevent or slow damage to our cells from free radicals.

Okay, now what are free radicals? They are unstable molecules that the body creates based on our surroundings.

So why is this so important?

Let’s take a ball as an example. If you leave it out in the rain, sun, or other elements, eventually it decays at a faster rate then if you were to take it inside and put it away after each use. Even though it will wear eventually with use, it will be at a much slower rate then if you were to leave it out in the elements.

The same can be said for our body, our cells. If we continuously put them into bad environments or ingest bad things, we will wear our body down faster than if we became more aware of our surroundings and intake. Our body still decays but it’s up to us to decide how fast or slow we’d like that to progress.

In the end, red fruits and vegetables are not only good for you but can keep you “young at heart”, and body.

And who wouldn’t want that…

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