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Forget Me Not Friday: Be Uniquely You!

Forget Me Not Friday:
Be Uniquely You!
No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get “it” right. This it could be a project, goal, or in your Yoga space, a pose. But maybe it could be that your not using what’s uniquely yours to accomplish “it”.
That is what individuality is. You finding your niche that allows you to do and be what you need for each and every situation.
In the yoga sense, maybe there are poses you would like to do but no matter how you try to build up to them, you can’t seem to get it to look like what’s in a picture. A thought is that maybe that is the correct pose for your body, and there is nothing wrong with that. Another thought might be that your body can accomplish other forms and poses that others would love to do, but that’s as far as they can specifically go in their pose.
Just remember, you are uniquely made and some poses are uniquely made for you.

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