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Forget Me Not Friday: A Twisting Rest

Forget Me Not Friday:
A Twisting Rest

In this pose, your going to gently wring your middle and spine to come to a deep relaxing, twisting pose. This is great for relieving stress from your lower back, spine, and through your torso. You can even twist the neck and upper spine by turning your neck in the opposite direction of your twist, only if this feels comfortable.

The main thing to remember when getting into this pose is to bring the side of your hip as close to the bolster as you can. Look forward and turn from the ribs and core to twist towards the bolster. Once you’ve come to a complete twist in your body then slowly drape over your bolster. Keep your arms in a comfortable position on either side of the bolster. From here you can either turn your neck in the opposite direction or stay here.

Remember, you do not want to over extend in this twist or have it in any way feel uncomfortable as you will be here a while. Since this is a Restorative, or even Yin pose, you’ll want to hold this for about 2-5 minutes on each side, to balance. This is a great de-stressor for a long week. To your de-stressing weekend!

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