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The sum of the process by which a living entity takes in and utilizes sustenance for nourishment.

Healthy Living

Consistent practices that support, improve, maintain, and enhances health.

Behavioral Nutrition

By using a behavior-based nutrition plan, we will come up with a way to get you to your goals. You determine the course of action and lifestyle change through habitual processes, over a comfortable term, to lifelong goals and achievements.

If you are looking for athletic performance or have short-term goals, we can develop a personalized plan to achieve this, complemented by our more intense yoga classes.

Adding yoga classes to any nutrition plan, even low impact yoga, will provide you with the remaining pieces of your health puzzle. This balance will get you to true healthy living.

Healthy Living

Through consistent, disciplined activity and the correct amounts of proper sustenance you arm yourself with habitual practices that add value to your way of living.

This is why exercise alone will not lead you to complete fulfillment but adding measured nourishment with physical exertion will.

That is why I would recommend a nutritional path alongside your yoga classes.

Yoga with Rosemary and Aryn 4
Yoga with Rosemary and Aryn 2
Yoga with Rosemary and Aryn 3
Yoga with Rosemary and Aryn 4

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